Frequently asked questions about the Gouda Combiticket
Opening hours
What are your opening hours?

– The Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory and the Saint Johns Church are not open on Sundays. The Cheese Experience does. Check the website of the relevant attraction for the exact opening times.


Where can I order tickets?

– You can order your tickets online through www.combiticketgouda.nl, but the tickets are also available in the city at the Cheese Experience, Syrup Waffle Factory or Saint Johns Church.

Why do I only have to select one time when buying the combi ticket?

– The time slot you reserve is exclusively for the Kamphuisen Syrup Waffle Factory. No time slot is required for the church and the Cheese-Experience. You are free to visit these attractions.

Is it mandatory to visit all attractions on the same day?

– No. This can also be spread over several days. Make sure that you come to the Syrup Waffle Factory at the chosen time and date.

How long is my ticket valid for?

– The combi ticket remains valid for 6 months. It is therefore always possible to visit the missed attraction at a later time, with the exception of the Syrup Waffle Factory

What ages is the combi ticket suitable for?

The combination ticket is suitable for all ages. There is a lot to do for young and old. For children under the age of 4 it is sometimes a bit much to pick up, so they get free entry.

What is the advantage of the Combiticket?

Besides the fact that you experience the advantage in money for a Combiticket, you will learn a lot about our beautiful city of Gouda in one day. If you buy the tickets separately, it will cost you 32.40. You pay 28,- for the combi ticket. An additional advantage is that you can spread the ticket over several days.

Are the attractions accessible for wheelchairs?

You can also come to us in a wheelchair. The Cheese-Experience and the church are easily accessible for a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair. You can enter the Syrup Waffle Factory with a manual wheelchair, but not with an electric wheelchair.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, the Cheese experience and the Syrup Waffle Factory are not accessible to pets. Assistance dogs are of course welcome.

Where can I park?

There are various options for (paid) parking around the city center of Gouda. Some options are the parking spaces at Schouwburgplein and Klein Amerika or Q-Park on Lem Dulstraat. All these parking spaces are within walking distance of the attractions.For more information, visit the site of the municipality of Gouda https://www.gouda.nl/Bedrijven/Parkeren

Are the locations of the various attractions easily accessible?

The locations are all located in the old center of Gouda and are within walking distance of each other. Do you like walking? Then Gouda still has many beautiful historic places that you can combine this combination ticket with.


The combi ticket is actually not enough for us, what else is there to do in Gouda?

Combine the combi ticket with a walk through the city. It is also recommended to book an overnight stay in the Best Western hotel. This way you can make optimal use of the combi ticket and you don’t have to rush.

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